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A Podcast About Cloud Native Software Development, AWS, and Distributed Systems
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Core AWS Services

    In episode 8 of Mobycast, Jon and Chris discussed the core AWS services they use regularly. ...


  2. How to Create Containers (Part 2)

    In episode 7 of Mobycast, we continue with part 2 of a technical series around the creation of Containers. Specifically, Jon and Chris dive deep into Docker networking.  ...


  3. How to Create Containers (Part 1)

    In episode six of Mobycast, we introduce Part 1 of a technical series around the creation of containers. Specifically Jon and Chris teach me about base images and volume mounts. ...


  4. Making the Business Case for Docker

    Episode 5 of Mobycast focuses on building a business case for transitioning to Docker. ...


  5. The CI/CD Pipeline

    Chris Hickman and Jon Christensen of Kelsus discuss the company’s CI/CD toolchain - continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD) - when it comes to containerization. Your CI/CD pipeline will look completely different after being dockerized. ...