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A Podcast About Cloud Native Software Development, AWS, and Distributed Systems
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Latest Episodes…

  1. An Introduction to Elastic Container Service (ECS)

    Jon Christensen and Chris Hickman of Kelsus discuss Amazon’s Elastic Container Service (ECS) – how it works and why they use it. The term “container” comes from stacking containers on ships, and containers offer several advantages. But how does containerization relate to scaling on a large application? ...


  2. Transitioning Legacy Applications to Docker

    What goes on inside an organization when it decides to make the switch to Docker? What does a team and company go through? Chris Hickman and Jon Christensen of Kelsus discuss transitioning legacy applications to Docker. About two-three years ago, Chris joined a company that was in the midst of ...


  3. Virtual Machines vs. Containers

    Chris Hickman and Jon Christensen of Kelsus and Rich Staats from Secret Stache discuss the differences between virtual machines (VMs) and containers. What are the pros? Cons? Similarities? Differences? ...